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Available positions in university of Torino

The Computer Science Department of University of Torino is seeking for candidates for the following positions:
POSITION 1. Research associate (hired as a two-years "assegno di ricerca", similar to a classical post-doc position)
POSITION2.  Technical  support engineer (hired as a short term technical/research staff)
The work will be framed in the research activities on methodologies and tools for parallel programming and could computing coordinated by Prof. Marco Aldinucci. In particular the research activities object of this call will be part of the EU project Paraphrase (EU-STREP FP7, 2011-2014, and will build on the successfull experience of previous research projects that have lead to the development of the Fastflow library ( ).
- Languages and development tools for parallel programming: multi-core, GPGPUs, distributed platforms, and heterogenous platforms with a specific interest on pattern-based approaches.
- Nonblocking algorithms and lockless shared-memory programming: algorithm design and experimentation, theory of progress, transactional memories, memory allocation and garbage collection.
- Library development in support of the above activities
- Performance  evaluation in support of the above developments
- High-performance applications: simulations (e.g. system biology, high-energy physics), high-performance streaming (e.g. image and video processing, data fusion).

POSITION1. Research Associate profile ("Assegno di ricerca"):
The candidate should have a PhD in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering or related fields, with particular expertise in one or more the above described research topics. The candidate should also have both theoretical and programming skills, and a international publication  record and demonstrated ability to do collaborative as well as independent research. Fluency in written and spoken English is required.
- Salary ~1850 Euro/months AFTER TAXES. 2 years contract.
POSITION2. Technical support engineer profile  (short term technical staff "Co.Co.Pro"):
- The candidate should have a MSc. (5 years curricula) or a PhD.  in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering or related fields. The  candidate should also have a strong programming skills (one or more among C, C++, Java, OpenCL, CUDA, MPI).
Specific  expertise in one or more the above described research topics will be highly appreciated.
Fluency in written and spoken English or Italian is required.
- Salary: The actual salary will be dependent on the qualification of
the candidate with a maximum of 1600 Euro/month AFTER TAXES, with a duration that can vary up to 2 years and that should be agreed upon by both parties.
Flexible working hours. Full availability of equipments (personal laptop, several parallel computers and GPUs, Infiniband-connected cluster, etc.). Participation to high-quality international conferences and schools is encouraged and supported.
The contracts could start immediately (modulo the required administrative times, which can vary from 1 to 4 months depending on whether you need a VISA to work in Italy or not).
To apply please send a motivation letter and a detailed CV to  Prof. Marco Aldinucci
Informal contact prior to the formal application is highly encouraged.

As soon as possible, no later than July 16th 2012