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D3-2 Static Mapping Implementation Including Prototype Source

This deliverable describes a new technique for static mapping, i.e., assigning software components to heterogeneous hardware resources using a Monte-Carlo Tree Search. We introduce a new methodology for programming heterogeneous parallel systems, building on the work in WP4 on refactoring tools using static mappings derived using MCTS to gain near-optimal mappings. We also provide a number of use-cases, including an industrial use-case from HLRS, demonstrating that we are able to gain, with our methodology, near-optimal mappings. Finally we introduce PEI, a Performance Enhancement Infrastructure which is a collection of mechanisms and policies used for improving the performance of skeleton based frameworks for use with the static mapping.


D3-2.pdf — PDF document, 1466 kB (1501663 bytes)


This is FastFlow Framework instrumented with Performance Enhancement Infrastructure.

fastflow-2.0.2-VIP.tar.gz — Tar archive, 662 kB (678402 bytes)