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D2-6 Initial Implementation of Application-Specific Patterns Including Prototype Source

This deliverable describes the initial implementation of a subset of application specific and high level patterns among those described in Deliverable [3] and [2]. The implementation we consider here is only targeting heterogeneous hardware plat- forms, being heterogeneous platform the subject of another, forthcoming deliver- able. We selected the set of patterns to implement on the basis of the priorities expressed by the beneficiaries, in particular by those involved in the WP6 (Use cases) activities. The patterns considered more useful or more urgent to be introduced in a prototype implementation has been developed in order to provide them a test framework on which starting to write code following the ParaPhrase methodology. As a consequence, in the next deliverable it could happen that slight modification will occur (maybe in the type or number of parameters for specific calls or in the adding of new/still not included methods) but the overall programming infrastructure can be considered assessed. The deliverable is divided in two major parts: Chapter 2 describes the application specific pattern implemented on top of FastFlow; Chapter 3 presents the patterns implemented on top of the Erlang platform. The set of patterns is not exactly the same in the two cases, as of the different use cases and necessities by the beneficiaries implementing applications and use cases with C++/FastFlow and Erlang ParaPhrase frameworks. The deliverable introduces each of the implemented domain specific or high level pattern by showing its programmatic interface and sample usage code. The positioning of this deliverable is outlined in Fig. 1. It is based on the list of application specific patterns reported in [2] and their implementation will definitively assessed by D2.8 (Final homogenous implementation) and D2.7 (Het- erogenous implementation of application specific patterns).


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