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D7-3 User Manuals for ParaPhrase Technologies

This deliverable provides an overview of the documentation available relative to the ParaPhrase tools and technologies. In particular, pointers to the available web documentation are provided, along with all the needed information to download, configure, install and run the ParaPhrase tools. The document includes both material relative to the C++ and Erlang programming envirioments and tools developed within ParaPhrase. The libraries providing the ParaPhrase patterns in C++ (FastFlow, Chap. 1) and Erlang (skel, Chap.2 and proof-of-concept GPU targeting through SKEPU, Chap. 3) are described first. Then the refactoring tools associated to these libraries are introduced (Chap. 4 and Chap. 5). Eventually, the FastFlow Performance Enhancement Infrastructure (Chap. 6) and the Erlang Agent-based platform are described (Chap. 7).

D7-3.pdf — PDF document, 486 kB (498265 bytes)