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D7-2 Report on community building activities

The objective of work package 7 is to promote the use of ParaPhrase tools and technologies by establishing an active user community and by providing technical documentation as well as elaborated tutorials and training materials. Some of the community building activities specifically cater for users from an industrial background. User community building activities in the third year have progressed as planned. A second major community building activity has been held in Dublin, Ireland. The International Summer School in Parallel Patterns saw roughly 35 participants including industrial practitioners. In addition, various presentations, workshops and other related events have been run by project participants. Also, ParaPhrase has produced and revised a range of technical documentation and training materials, including online videos, for the tools and software frameworks developed. Part of the revisions were triggered by a newly implemented quality control system.Finally, this document itemizes concrete plans for community building activities to be implemented in the final months of the project.

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