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D7-1 Report on first standalone user community workshop

The objective of WP7 is to promote the use of ParaPhrase tools and technologies by establishing an active user community and by providing technical documentation as well as elaborated tutorials and training materials. This deliverable describes the first standalone User Workshop that was held by SCCH in Hagenberg, Austria, with roughly 50 participants including strong participation from local industry. In addition, the deliverable describes various tutorials, workshops, presentations and other related events that have been run by the Consortium in association with developer and other potential user conferences and other events in order to promote a general user community. Finally, it describes a range of technical documentation and training materials, including online videos, for the tools and software frame- works that have been developed in the remainder of the project. This material serves to support user community building activities, providing support for potential users of the various ParaPhrase technologies. Finally, this deliverable itemizes concrete plans for further community building activities to be implemented in the third year of the project.

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