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D6-8 MAS Application Porting Report

This deliverable describes the aspects of porting multi-agent applications to the ParaPhrase infrastructure. We focus on two area of applications: multi-agent computations and multi-agent simulations, with specific use-cases described in the appropriate chapters. We show how these systems can be decomposed and parallelized with the use of Paraphrase parallel patterns and concrete skeletons from the skel library. This deliverable is a direct follow-up of the D6.7 MAS Framework and Use cases Report. In this deliverable, we show how the functional approach described in deliverable D6.7 leads to the design of multi-agent systems which are easy to decompose and therefore, to parallelize. The output from this deliverable are concrete multi-agent applications ported to the skel library. These application will then be fine-tuned, optimized and benchmarked, the results of which will be described in the last D6.9 deliverable.

ParaPhraseD6-8.pdf — PDF document, 591 kB (605194 bytes)