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D6-5 First report on Experimental Evaluation

This report gives a detailed description of the experimental validation of the Fast- Flow programming model, particularly for C++ and Erlang. For some of the applications, in particular those originally written in C or C++, the porting work was challenging, in particular when the application logic and its implementation in C++ classes had to be refactored to accommodate the FastFlow library for optimization. In fact, one of the motivations for this task, was to evaluate FastFlow for real world applications, not only academic small scale test kernels. The encountering of issues was therefore anticipated. It is worth noting, that most issues encountered by the application developers have been either fixed, or a feasi- ble work-around provided until a fix is available (see D6.4). However, all applications have been ported successfully to the FastFlow programming model, some showing already encouraging performance, others just as proof of concept without claiming significant performance increase over the sequential version. The tangible results of this task are FastFlow enabled applications with the encouraging perspective for successful follow-up performance optimization, and the identification of performance problems to be addressed by the FastFlow developers.

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