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D6-4 Applications Porting Report

This deliverable is a description of the porting work done in the ParaPhrase project. Its aims, the status, issues encountered, and next steps are discussed. After a slow start due to the early project start and the need to acquaint the developers with technology new to them, communication and progress have intensified over the last months. Now, with a delay of approximately one month, the goals for D6.4 have been reached, and all use cases are available in a basic or even complete parallelized version. Most of the technology currently available in ParaPhrase is applied in one or the other use case, notable exceptions so far being GPGPU and distributed patterns. They can now serve as basis for technology evaluation, and feedback has already been provided to technological workpackage partners. While conceptually simple to apply, the pattern based approach of ParaPhrase has shown some issues in its current implementation state when practically applied to the use cases. One main issue is the complexity of porting work, especially on the C++ side, which is currently being addressed by work on refactoring for C++. Another issue was the need for explicit synchronization and intensive fine tuning of communication among workers (threads), to achieve reasonable scaling. Partially this optimization work is still in progress, and ParaPhrase will have to show in future how refactoring, application specific and heterogeneous patterns, and static and dynamic mapping can address this. This deliverable is accompanied by two further ones. D6.3 (confidential to project partners and commission services) provides information about access to ported code and the evaluation platform. D6.5 contains the evaluation of the use cases for which porting is described here.

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