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D6-2 Application Requirements and Use Case Scenarios

This deliverable describes the applications and use case scenarios selected by the partners that are active in WP6 (Use Cases, Requirements and Evaluation). Use case selection and evaluation criteria are given. Some selected and proposed core use cases are detailed, organized by the application area of a respective project partner. Further requirements, targeted hardware, and expected use case results are specified. Also, potential for the use of the generic patterns (deliverable D2.1) and application specific patterns (deliverable D2.3) are mentioned. The annex gives information about further use cases potentially relevant further on in the project or as dissemination and exploitation opportunities. The parallel patterns and the use cases are expected to evolve together and mu- tually depend on each other, during the duration of the ParaPhrase project. Thus, the state of the use cases is expected to adapt to the evolution of the implemented parallel patterns and to further opportunities for use cases with high impact in the Erlang, industrial, and High Performance Computing communities.

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