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D2-7 Heterogeneous Implementation of Application-Specific Patterns

Within the activities of ParaPhrase WP2, several patterns have been identified and described in deliverable D2.5. Part of these patterns are general purpose in that their modelled parallelism exploitation pattern is not bound to a specific application domain, but may be used in a number of different applications from different applicative domains. Part of the pattern are instead domain specific, in that they originate and may be used predominantly in specific application domains. This deliverable, D2.7, is the deliverable describing the initial implementation of the domain specific patterns investigated in the ParaPhrase project targeting heterogeneous architectures, that is, architectures hosting GP-GPUs in addition to the classic CPU cores.

Prototype for D2-7

d2-7-prototype.tar.gz — Tar archive, 3140 kB (3215697 bytes)

PDF Document for D2-7

D2-7.pdf — PDF document, 708 kB (725641 bytes)