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D2-9 Final Heterogeneous Implementation

The ParaPhrase deliverable D2-9 is a prototype deliverable, and this document is the companion document describing the main features of the prototype relative to the final implementation of the ParaPhrase patterns targeting heterogeneous (i.e. CPU and GPU) architectures. The deliverable relates to heterogenous architectures and it completes the overview on the programming framework introduced in D2-8.

Prototype for D2-9 : Erlang

D2-9-erl.tgz — Tar archive, 891 kB (912566 bytes)

PDF Document for D2-9

D2-9.pdf — PDF document, 613 kB (627994 bytes)

Prototype for D2-9 : FastFlow

D2.9-ff.tgz — Tar archive, 62565 kB (64066638 bytes)